Sports Pedicure II


Sports Pedicure is designed to cleanse & improve the feel & appearance of feet and nails after sports and/or exercise. Your S&S Specialist will trim, shape, and buff & shine your natural nail; emerge feet into a warm therapeutic bubble soak, gently exfoliate using concentrated pressure with our S&S scrub; groom cuticles with oil; wrap feet and legs in a therapeutic hot towel to relax the muscles, & end with a deep penetrated lower leg massage using Hot/Cold Stone Technique to improve circulation.

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Our Sports Pedicure is ideal for those who

  • Enjoy a quiet relaxed atmosphere
  • Wish to maintain the current feel, look, and care of their healthy feet and nails.
  • Physically active with sports/exercise or stand/walk for long hours
  • Had a professional or DIY pedicure within the last 1-3 months**

**This service is not ideal for “First Timers” or those who are seeking a personalized plan of treatment to solve problem areas such as callus removal, excess skin, etc. We suggest our Restorative Foot Care Treatment for you.

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