VIP Presidential Team Membership

$70.00 per member

Would you like to offer your employees, sports team, friends, or family a personal care benefit? Well look no further, we have the right deal for you. Sign up for a team VIP membership for minimum of 5 and SAVE!  Increase morale of your employees or sports team by providing high achievers access to self-care monthly. Show them that you appreciate their dedication and hard work!!

Want to save as a friends or family; become the Friend’s/Family’s team captain, pay 1 fee a month for a minimum of 5. For $70 per person, you can share the cost which is priced less than an individual membership. All the great benefits at the fraction of the cost!!

Number of Seats:

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The Team Membership Monthly Plan is ideal for:

  • Barber Shop or other business Owners who would like to offer a unique benefit to their employees or clients
  • Family or Friends who would like to share the cost of a membership, with 1 monthly payment
  • Those who would like to save

Minimum of 5 members is required to sign up.